Massage & Bodywork

There is no denying the power of bodywork.  Regardless of the adjectives you assign to it (pampering, clinical, 

therapeutic),  or the reasons you seek it out (relax, balance heal or recover)

massage can be a powerful ally to your active life and long-term health routine

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Health & Wellness Coaching

Brainstorm, create change, develop a strategy and receive support. These steps apply to the health of everything in your life:  your body, mind, spirit, work, relationships, perspective, attitude and how you relate to your world and live your life.  Receive the personal support you need to thrive

Pregnancy & Menopause

The sacred transitions of a woman force us to deal with rapid change ~ and provide tremendous wisdom and opportunity.   Gracefully accept the changes to body, mind, hormones and  relationships.  Embrace the wisdom they bring and reconnect as you transition through.

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Therapeutic Massage


Signature Massage

 The sensitivity, trust and communication good bodywork requires reminds us that working together gets us to places competition never could.  Kim is an intuitive healer who works with you to determine what you need  based on symptoms, activity and stress  ~ making each session unique.  Board certified, and state licensed with thousands of training hours and a very deep toolbox of modalities to provide what you need to feel your best.

                                              RELAX.  RECOVER. RECONNECT.

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Prenatal Massage

Side line massage to help you adapt to your rapidly changing body.  Works on stress, aches and pains, swelling, delivery preparation and overall well-being.  Schedule a 60 minute signature massage above and tell me how many weeks you will be the day of our session.


Schedule a 30 minute signature massage above.  You remain clothed and lie on your back for a series of holds along your spine and head.  

Aromatouch/Symphony of the Cells

Schedule 30 minute signature massage above or add it onto a longer massage. Each month, Kim will offer a specific protocol of essential oils that will match the season.  Experience the power of layering essential oils for very specific reasons.  Protocols for overall health, cardiovascular system, digestion, hormone balance,  inflammation, respiratory system, nervous system and much more.

Holistic Health & Wellness



Get out of neutral and into your vibrant life!  Kim holds multiple health coach certifications including Master and Functional Medicine titles.  This training  combined with her personal and professional experience allows her to creatively and authentically help you set and achieve your goals to maneuver the vortex of being a woman.

                                  CREATIVE.   CLINICAL.  CULINARY

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You: An Adult Woman

This part of you journey is the time to drop those teenage responses, refine yourself become the woman you want to be. A season to be vigilant about your mental, emotional and physical health. Create a lifestyle that supports your changing relationships, you fertility and hormones, your physical strength and endurance, your sleep and energy, know what nourishes (fills you up and drains you), your career and play.time Understand and accept the past, dream of and create the future and address anything getting in your way with a focus on long-term health. 


That bundle of perfection will change your life forever. Every time. This is a season to remain vigilant about your health and marriage as you add the honor of  being 'Mom'. Self-care and acceptance are in crucial tension with all the other priorities.  The physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual experiences can feel drastic, breathtaking and deep.  Grant yourself the grace to hurt, heal and deal. 


The longest, deepest part of your journey choked full of wisdom. A beautiful return from your child-bearing years back to you. A re-birth of sorts full of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual changes, answers and revelations. The tapestry of your life  begins to unfold and so much of life starts to make sense.  This can be a 15 year process and a time to make health your hobby. Create a your legacy of health and be the inspiration that serves generations to come.