Hi Kim!  Well she is here!!  It was a beautiful magical fast unmedicated vbac, perfect in every way. I’m so thankful to you, you’ll never know what a big part you played in her birth story. I felt so relaxed, strong, bonded, and empowered after our talk and massage last Saturday morning. I can’t wait for you to meet her and to share the whole story. Let me know a good time to stop by. Thank you again for everything!    ~ Mallari  March 2019  

Hi Kim-I’ve gotten from 280 in Feb when I started on your 3 day cleanse, to 258 today. Very happy and still going. Mostly vegan, no bread/sugar, limited starch. Saw happy doctor today. Goal of 250 by July 4. Thank you for the boost to get started. God bless you!    ~ Ian  March 2019

As a new patient to a 60 minutes massage experience, I didn't expect a seated welcome and socialization prior to the table. But, I realize after that she was trying to know me, truly, so that when I was on her table she would better understand my body and its needs. She has a beautiful healing touch - consistent and appropriately soft/rm. It is clear Kim is interested in the whole of you. And it is clear that she is gifted in this practice of which she has chosen and been called to.    ~ Melissa Oct. 2018

Meeting Kim,I found warmth trust and immense knowledge!..she is a "gem" amongst the community that I look forward to getting to know . The work she did on my very sore out of whack body (2 recent moves) saved my life.            

~ Lynn  Aug. 2018

Kim is the rare combination of someone who is both extremely professional and personable.   I highly recommend her.  She is driven to help her clients and she does that by listening to them first to deliver the best service possible.     

~ Dell  July 2018

Kim is a caring & intelligent person with a passion for helping others be their best. Her constant quest for knowledge is a great compliment to her ability to help us find our best self and keep it through the years.  She is always there to help when we have a transgression or an injury.  Remind us life isn't perfect and how to move forward.  Her feeling hands make every massage a new discovery in what's not working and how to correct it.  Thanks Kim for your friendship and mentoring to keep me moving forward in my life.                                                             

~ Cheryl July 2018

Kim is an amazing businesswoman and singlehandedly delivers above and beyond what one's expectations might be. She is straightforward, honest, and dependable. She offers (the-not-so-often-anymore) one on one connection to her clients in her beautiful, peaceful office equipped with the latest technology.        

~ Cindi June 2018