Membership at san clemente wellness


Monthly Subscription Includes:

  • 2 hours of coaching and/or bodywork services each month
    to use in any combination of 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions.
  •  Unlimited email/text support
  •  Membership in UPLIFE  & LURE
  •  Discount on all classes and workshops.


A daily goal-habit-grow program designed to keep you inspired to set, track and reach your goals, work on weekly and daily habits, practice mindfulness and fine-tune your character strengths.  Program begins with a 30-minute discovery session where you will work with Kim setting goals that will be the basis for your personal daily program. Discovery sessions can be scheduled each month as goal are reached.  Materials are provided every single day of the year via a private FaceBook group which encourages interaction. Private emailis also sent  a backup if you will not use FaceBook.  This membership is included in the Premium Membership above


Yearly membership for anytime review, evaluation and education on your labwork.  Practitioners rely heavily on evidence- based lab results to do their work because it is a window into the biochemistry of your body.  This membership is for people who are curious about what labs are being run, what the results could mean and what they can do to change them.  Provide your labwork for review and analysis and schedule a 60-minute appointment with Kim to go over it - unlimited reviews each year.   This program in included in the Premium Membership above