Skilled Human Touch Reassures & Nourishes

 There is no denying the power of bodywork.  Regardless of the adjectives you assign to it (from pampering to clinically therapeutic),  or the reasons you seek it out (a treat, to relax, balance energy, healing, injury recovery or chronic pain management), massage can be a powerful ally to your active life and long-term health routine.   

 Infants find cranial and thoracic relief for better feeding and colic relief.  Active people of all ages can get better alignment and performance.  Prenatal massage is great for your rapidly changing body.  As you hit prime time and things begin to get stiff and sore, massage can offer much relief to mind, body and spirit.  


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Why Kim Lee-Thorp at San Clemente WEllness for massage?


Not all practitioners are equal

A dedicated bodyworker must be completely present and be able to maintain clear boundaries and intentions. This work is highly demanding for the practitioner, requires extended concentration, a level of neutrality, clear intentions and knowledge of anatomy.  Kim is very intuitive when it comes to body structure and function.  She is constantly learning and doing research to be able to provide you the 'just in time' information to keep you a peak performance.


Experience & a deep toolkit

Massage fits into my life perfectly giving me as much as I give to my clients. I hold more than 3000 hours of clinical training (10 times California's training requirements) and have over 10 years of experience, more than most. I am Nationally Board Certified and licensed in the State of California to practice massage (a legal requirement). I strive to provide value and measurable benefit from each session. You will always get superior service because your session will always be tailored exactly to your requests, never a set routine.  ~ Kim Lee-Thorp


Licensing & Certificaation

Training and certifications in massage and bodywork that may be used in each unique session: NCBTMC, CAMTC, ABMP, AMTA, Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, Jin Shin, Neuromuscular Therapy, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Shiatsu, Structural Integration, Lymphatic Therapy. Myofascial Release, Prenatal, Medical Intuition,Integrative Energetics,  Pelvic floor and diastasis issues, NAT for Frozen Shoulder, PNF Stretching, Prenatal Fitness, Somatic Exercise, injury and trauma recovery, YIN Yoga, Cold Laser, AromaTouch, Symphony of the Cells, Meditation & Release.

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