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Learn more about what keto is, what is feels like, what foods are included (and removed), side effects, troubleshooting and more.   Join the closed  FaceBook group  'San Clemente Wellness Workshops' . Look for the KETO 101 workshop in the units area to go through a workshop designed to help you research if ketogenic living is right for you.  

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Experience ketogenic living focusing on weight loss with a done-for-you program developed in collaboration with a sports trainer and her dietitian. This 21-Day program was 4 years in development for weight loss and it WORKS! Get immediate access to entire program:

 Upon purchase, you will be guided to a download site for 11 documents:

  • Getting Started Checklist
  • Success Manual
  • Macro Breakdown
  • Goal Setting & Measurement Worksheets
  • Meal Plan
  • Recipes
  • Weekly Shopping Lists
  • Guide to Transition off Keto 
  • Membership to private Keto facebook group for support.
  • Daily Motivational Emails

Want changes to serving sizes or ingredients? Complete a menu planning assessment in the Health Coach page on this website and book a 30-minute coaching session to create your personalized meal plans.

Need more weekly Meal Plans?  Fill out a meal planning assessment and order a new week.

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Physician Personalized Keto


Ketogenic living may need to be personalized or monitored if you have a current health condition or for elite sports performance. This program is a functional program developed by Metagenics.  It requires a doctor referral and current labs. You will get a Functional Lab Analysis, BioImpedence Analysis (BIA), Recipes, Shopping Lists, Optional Supplement Suggestions, 5.5 hours of coaching and unlimited text and email support.  

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Keto Research

Full Disclosure

Please make sure you read, understand and agree to the disclaimer located at the bottom of all pages on this website.  

I make no secret of being a die-hard proponent of plant-based eating.  The science is strong, the history is in place and it resonates fully with me if done in a healthy way.  I am in process of researching and forming my personal opinions on the subject of ketogenics looking at it's safety and how to make it work in the most healthy way.  For me, the science will always be the most important factor. I am amazed at how much confusing and conflicting information is out there.

The science supporting keto for people with epilepsy, short term sports performance and weight loss in healthy people is there.  It is not so clear for long term health or for people with thyroid issues, diabetes or heart disease.  

Stay tuned and visit often for updates.