Ketogenic Living

New to Keto?

Learn more about what keto is, what is feels like, what foods are included (and removed), side effects, troubleshooting and more. 

Ready to Try Keto?

Join the next group and experience keto living first hand.  Done for you meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, a guide and how to transition back out.  You also receive the unlimited support of Kim and a private group on FaceBook all going through the program with you.  No class available? Sign up for the keto mailing list to receive notification of classes and automatically receive  the Beginners Guide.

Practitioner-Led Keto

You may be referred by your doctor to a ketogenic program or you may have done you research and decide to take a more monitored approach.  This option includes 1-on-1 regular meeting between you and Kim.  You receive unlimited suppport and Kim will be working with your health care practitioner on your personalized plan to safely guide you along the way.  Click on the image to go to the Metagenics site and learn more. 

21-Day Keto Challenge

Dietitian-designed, trainer-tested & client-approved

The demand for a ketogenic food plan is very high from both clients and physicians.  So many clients have heard about it and are asking how and if it works.  Many physicians are telling their patients to go on a keto plan and referring them to me for health coaching.  I had to figure this out! 

I turned to my friend Alicia to  help develop a program that works.  This program was developed with over 50 beta testers and deeloped over 4 years  with Alicia's clients.  I have seen her data and this program does work (her clients focused on sports performance and weight loss).  I am not 100% behind this  yet for long term health but I am not your mom so I want to provide something to that is as healthy and safe as possible while being proven  to work. 

This program is all automated so you can download it and get started right away.  I will run it as a live group once in awhile as well.  You will also find a continually updated collection of  data I find on the ketogenic research posted below.    

21-Day Program Includes:

  • Keto Success Guide 
  •  21-Day Keto Recipe Guide
  •  21-Days of Dietician-Approved Meal Guides
  •  3 Weeks of Sample Grocery Lists
  •  Complete Macro Breakdown 
  • Complete Checklist for Success
  • Daily Motivational & Inspiration Emails
  • Transitioning Out of Keto Guide

Keto Research

Full Disclosure

Please make sure you read, understand and agree to the disclaimer located at the bottom of all pages on this website.  

I make no secret of being a die-hard proponent of plant-based eating.  The science is strong, the history is in place and it resonates fully with me if done in a healthy way.  I am in process of researching and forming my personal opinions on the subject of ketogenics looking at it's safety and how to make it work in the most healthy way.  For me, the science will always be the most important factor. I am amazed at how much confusing and conflicting information is out there.

The science supporting keto for people with epilepsy, short term sports performance and weight loss in healthy people is there.  It is not so clear for long term health or for people with thyroid issues, diabetes or heart disease.  

Stay tuned and visit often for updates.