Health & Wellness Coaching

Bringing Doctors's orders to real life.

Kim supports practitioners and their clients  worldwide as well as the local community including those who live here full time and those that spend part of their year  in San Clemente.   Client's who come from a practitioner referral are usually in a place of prevention  or management of issues such as heart disease, diabetes, weight, fatigue, sleep issues, stress management and work/life balance.

Helping you Manage or Create Change

Many of us know we need to do something different, we may even know what it is we need to do.  You may be in 'neutral' and not really ill but also not really well.  Knowing and doing are very very different.  Kim will work with you to set goals and create lasting change.  Other times change happens to us and we need help adjusting to the change  as gracefully as possible.  

Executive Coaching

Experience the coaching traditionally only available to politicians, professional athletes and executives.  Kim's training in positive psychology, non violent communications, mediation, mindfulness and motivational interviewing combined with her experience as a competitive athlete and many years in the corporate life participating in the internet revolution born in silicon valley  as well as a spouse and parent puts her in a position to understand issues specific to the person who is in this powerful , demanding,  stimulating type of life and help find some room for personal growth and vigilance to maintain what is important such as your family and your health.  Too many people spend their entire lives making money and then eventually  spend their money trying to buy back their life.  You can have it all.

Health & Wellness Coaching

" Kim reviewed my blood work report and helped me understand the connections of physical issues with nutrition and everyday positive living. She explores details and listens to concerns big and small. What an encourager with holistic knowledge that I deeply appreciate."  Marilyn M. 

"I highly recommend going to Kim if you're tired of trying to figure out why you're just not feeling as good as you used to. She is extremely knowledgeable, intuitive and has a great manner with people. Her vast knowledge and experience is so helpful in zooming in on target problems, and the potential solutions are do-able."  
Donna C.

"Professional, knowledgeable, relatable. Kim provides a comfortable and safe environment to talk about YOU and your health. Kim is a great partner to have on your journey to a healthier you. Kim provides expert advice and the encouragement to follow through on your health assignments too."            Erin B.

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Why Kim for health Coaching?


Institute of Integrative Nutrition
Dr. Sears Wellness Institute
Food & Spirit Practitioner
First Line Therapy Practitioner
Neuro-Endocrine Regulation
Board Certified Therapeutic Massage
CA State Licensed Massage
Functional Medicine Coaching Academy
Medical Intuition Practitioner* candidate


Clinical Nutrition/Nutritional Sciences
ReplenishPDX/Holistic Nutrition Lab
PCRM Food for Life Affiliate
eCornell Plant-Based Nutrition
First Line Therapy Practitioner/LE
McDougall Program Certified


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There is a new workforce trained to deliver the message of health.  They are at the doctor, gym, weight loss center or grocery store.  Each has a unique background and education. Some are  trained by a specific company, some have a specialty and others are general.  Kim has a business  background, clinical nutrition education and trained as a coach rooted in functional health. She has a private practice working in with clients and physicians locally and worldwide.