The priority? Cognitive health. Without that, nothing else matters.

Are you in neutral?

You know the place: you are not ILL but, yet, not really WELL.  You know something is not quite right or the way you want it to be. Is something off? Are you losing energy? Bored, overwhelmed, unmotivated? Not sleeping well? Tired after you eat? Gaining weight? Forgetting things or poor concentration?  

 Many of us have lost some of our vitality. We know we need to do something different, we may even know what that something is but can't seem to get enough momentum to do it.  Perhaps life has thrown you a curve ball and created change that wasn't really your idea.  Both of these situations really hard and  a great time to seek a health & wellness  coach.  

Let's address pre-clinical physical and mental issues before they become a real problem so you can clarify, adjust and integrate as gracefully as possible.   

You may be working on a condition like diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's and even cancer.  These things don't just happen. This is not a natural part of aging. Your family deserves the best you and can live a fully vibrant life.  With each of them, there are multiple contributing factors that have been in play for years  The factors can be very different for each of us making creating vibrant health a very personal experience.  

There are no singe medications to handle the complex issues of blood sugar imbalance, work/life balance, stress, weight management, blood pressure, pain, cholesterol levels, hormones, digestive issues, sleep,  disconnectedness, physical and mental performance, and vitality.  All of these things affect each other and there is nothing we can 'TAKE'  - but plenty we can 'DO' to prevent, survive and thrive in the face of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and cognitive decline.

"We keep looking for a silver bullet when what we really need is buckshot"   Dr. Dale Bredesen on Alzheimer's

Bringing Doctors's orders to real life.

Kim supports practitioners and their clients  worldwide as well as the local community including those who live here full time and those that spend part of their year  in San Clemente.   Client's who come from a practitioner referral are usually in a place of prevention  or management of a medical condition such as heart disease, diabetes, weight, fatigue, sleep issues, stress management and work/life balance. It is never too late to make powerful changes.  Imagine someone to help you absorb the news that your health may be in danger, understand the situation, make a plan to meet your goals and integrate that into you life.  We will start wherever you are.  Small changes can make a difference.

Executive Coaching

Experience the type of coaching traditionally only available to politicians, professional athletes and executives.  This is actually much less coaching and more consulting.  You hire great people for your business that you can count on, learn from and they make you better at what you do.  This is similar. There is no time for long stories or even short pity parties. Kim's experience as a competitive athlete, high tech executive, wife and mother along with her training in positive psychology, non violent communications, mediation, active parenting, mindfulness and motivational interviewing  puts her in a position to understand issues specific to the person who is in this powerful , demanding,  stimulating place in life. Increase performance, find room for personal growth and maintain the vigilance for what is important such as your family and your health.  You can have it all! It takes purpose and planning,

Too many people spend their entire lives making money and then eventually  spend their money trying to buy back their life.  

" Kim reviewed my blood work report and helped me understand the connections of physical issues with nutrition and everyday positive living. She explores details and listens to concerns big and small. What an encourager with holistic knowledge that I deeply appreciate."  Marilyn M. 

"I highly recommend going to Kim if you're tired of trying to figure out why you're just not feeling as good as you used to. She is extremely knowledgeable, intuitive and has a great manner with people. Her vast knowledge and experience is so helpful in zooming in on target problems, and the potential solutions are do-able."  
Donna C.

"Professional, knowledgeable, relatable. Kim provides a comfortable and safe environment to talk about YOU and your health. Kim is a great partner to have on your journey to a healthier you. Kim provides expert advice and the encouragement to follow through on your health assignments too."            Erin B.

Why Kim for health Coaching?


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