Let's Meet in San Clemente

Schedule a meeting with Kim at her studio located in the Del Mar Plaza in charming downtown San Clemente.  

Let's Meet Remotely

 Not in San Clemente, traveling or just don't want to come downtown? No problem,  Kim has clients worldwide! Expanded remote scheduling to accommodate your  timezone with the same in-person-like authentic, encouraging, creative,  honest service over the phone or video chat.

Coaching Packages

 It  is normal for the coaching process to happen 3-6 months at a time. Buy a  coaching package at a discount to get started and then by the month to  meet your needs.  Packages include one month of  email/text support.  

What is a Health Coach?

There is a new workforce trained to deliver the message of health.  They are at the doctor, gym, weight loss center or grocery store.  Each has a unique background and education. Some are  trained by a specific company, some have a specialty and others are general.  Kim has a business  background, clinical nutrition education and trained as a coach rooted in functional health. She has a private practice working in with clients and physicians locally and worldwide.

Healthie is  full featured platform with online forms, document sharing, private messaging, appointment scheduling and collaborating with your doctor.  There is an app to take photos of your food, enter the things we are tracking and send messages.  It is HIPAA compliant to protect your information and privacy.  

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