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Prenatal Massage


Support for your rapidly changing body. Studies indicate that massage performed regularly during pregnancy can decrease symptoms of anxiety/depression, calm muscle aches, joint and nerve pain, relieve swelling, improve circulation, improve labor outcomes and newborn health. 

Birth Plan & Preparation


Take a few hours to ask question, create lists and talk through every aspect of labor and delivery to mentally prepare and understand all the options so your birth is your powerful accomplishment. Usually done 3-4 weeks prior to your due date. Included in Doula service. Written plan provided. 

Maneuvering The Vortex


Marriage, Motherhood & Menopause.  

There is so much you can do naturally to help balance hormones, encourage fertility, eat healthy, stay strong and manage stress. Life takes on a whole new meaning after a baby; friendships and priorities shift, time stops, sleep is cherished, toddlers are tough, grade school is a grind , teens are challenging and there are no words to describe being a parent of adult children.  Stay vigilant and keep a health coach in your monthly calendar.

Preparing for Pregnancy

Looking for a way to optimize your fertility, prepare for a nourished healthy pregnancy?  Something forward-thinking that helps your birth recovery and gives your baby a great start? This physician-designed program may be your answer!  


  • 6 online training workshops
  • A preconception toxicity quiz
  • 4 Preconception Nutrition Guides 
  • Over 100 delicious seasonal recipes 
  • Preconception supplement guides
  • Daily action checklist 
  • Resources for hormone balance
  • Mindfulness and affirmations
  • A guide to sperm health.
    And more… 

get the Preparing for pregnancy program $147


" Enrolling in the Preparing for Pregnancy program will give you the specific nourishment and health strategies to prepare your body for pregnancy, make it easier to get pregnant and reduce your baby's risk of chronic health conditions. "  

                   Dr. Jessica Drummond,                     creator of program

This online program is very complete and powerful on its own.  It can be  even more powerful with a health coach who is trained and intimate with the materials.  Kim can tailor the program, answer your 'why's' and be by your side to get your best results.   She understands: 

  • Why a preconception detox can be harmful if not done correctly.
  • How a healthy gut and vaginal microbiome can help to improve pregnancy rates.
  • The specific nutrients that are depleted by common medications like birth control pills, and how to restore those nutrients in your body before you get pregnant.
  • Why ignoring your partner’s preconception nutrition can have serious consequences for his hormone levels and sperm health - both essential for having a healthy baby.

get the preparing for pregnancy plus 6 coaching sessions $597



"You deserve the dignity of a body that works and makes you feel good"  Wendy Powell, creator of MUTU

Belly bulge, loose hips, hemorrhoids, incontinence and intimacy discomfort  all chip away at your confidence and womanhood.  These things you do not need to live with and will affect your longterm health. Powerful 12-week abdominal, pelvic floor fitness, nutrition  and lifestyle program. 

 No matter when you carried your baby
- 6 weeks or 60 years ago - 

or how bad it all seems, it is never too late! Kim is certified and ready to help with a private lesson and group programs  Not just a fitness and lifestyle program, a life changer with a strong community of MUTU mamas. 

'10 Little things.." your doctor didn't tell you about your post baby body.



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Week-by-Week Prenatal Guide


Sign up for email supports that starts at week 7 of your sacred journey.  You can change to meet how far along you are and have Kim support you all the way!

Post-Birth Guide


Sign up for 4 weeks of postnatal email support. Full of resources and encouragement for that first month as a parent

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