Prenatal Massage

Support for your rapidly changing body. Studies indicate that massage performed regularly during pregnancy can decrease symptoms of anxiety/depression, calm muscle aches, joint and nerve pain, relieve swelling, improve circulation, improve labor outcomes and newborn health. 

Birth Plan & Preparation

Take a few hours to ask question, create lists and talk through every aspect of labor and delivery to mentally prepare and understand all the options so your birth is your powerful accomplishment. Usually done 3-4 weeks prior to your due date. Included in Doula service. Written plan for your doctor & hospital provided. 

Maneuvering The Vortex

Marriage, Motherhood & Menopause.  

There is so much you can do naturally to help balance hormones, encourage fertility, eat healthy, stay strong and manage stress. Life takes on a whole new meaning after a baby; friendships and priorities shift, time stops, sleep is cherished, toddlers are tough, grade school is a grind , teens are challenging and there are no words to describe being a parent of adult children.  Stay vigilant and keep a health coach in your monthly calendar.

Week-by-Week Prenatal Guide

Sign up for email supports that starts at week 7 of your sacred journey.  You can change to meet how far along you are and have Kim support you all the way!

Post-Birth Guide

Sign up for 4 weeks of postnatal email support. Full of resources and encouragement for that first month as a parent

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Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness

Coming soon!

Focus on pelvic floor, structure, body image.