Interested in what people are saying about their experience at San Clemente Wellness?

"Absolutely unequalled as a Holistic Wellness Practioner!!  Gets Results."

MB S.  

"I felt I was treated with the utmost care and will look forward to continue on a path of healing and rejuvenation." 


"Nothing but good things to say about Kim.... It's always up to me to follow through, however, working with Kim for optimal health goals is both educational and inspirational. Kim keeps me focused! "

Erin B.     

"Kim takes a very personal interest in my wellbeing with attention to and knowledge about my overall health...history, current symptoms of pain and healing, mental status, comfort. And her massage not only hits and addresses the sore spots, but is also entirely soothing. Her massage is an absolute treat!!! "


"Kim's intuitive & skilled hands find all the right spots that need releasing and healing. As well, her compassion and understanding bring another element of healing to the process."


"Kim is an incredibly knowledgeable and gifted health coach ! I would send my closest friends and family to her without hesitation. I feel incredibly lucky to have been connected to her and am so excited (to be on this journey to optimal health) with her as my guide"