Have you ever wanted to try eating the whole foods plant-based way?  Promoted by many as the most healthy way to eat, this physician approved class teaches you the ins and outs of plant based eating and the power and nutrition of live foods.

3-Day Nourishing Cleanse


A 3-day done for you, take a break from worrying about food program.  Enjoy 6 jars of pure nutrition each day packed with 1200-1500 calories, 40-60 vegetables fruits, nuts and legume, and 50-60 grams of fiber. 

Intrinsic Anatomy


Whole30 Reset


Classic Whole30 program done as a group.  

This is a very simple well-known program to kick-start you into clean eating, wake up your body and understand the foods that trigger you.  It is restrictive and powerful and uncomfortable and can change your life.  Get clean, lose a few and understand how food affects you.

Clutter Cleanse


 Clearing your space can help to eliminate stress. Many studies that show that visual complexity has an effect on our feelings. Sensory information comes from our five senses, all of which can be over-stimulated.  We are limited to the amount of information we can process and  experience overload and stress  in clutter. Your home and work space are the ultimate thresholds.  



Mindfulness is the ability to pay full attention to whatever thoughts, feelings and emotions without judging or  criticizing them in any way. It is being fully present without being trapped in the past or  worrying about the future. It is living in the moment not for the  moment.  This is not easy to do for most of us.  We naturally react to our internal and external environment as opposed to observe it and let is unfold.