Each day you will get 6 pint jars


Morning Green Juice

The start to each day is a cold pressed green juice.  It is always the same and something to count on.  Made with mostly veggies and a small amount of fruit, it is refreshing and burst of hydrating alkalizing nutrition to wake your system up.

Breakfast Smoothie

Not a whimpy smoothie but a stick to your ribs get me through to lunch smoothie packed with a good balance of fruits, vegetables, fat and protein.

Nut Mylk

Homemade nut mylk is part of your lunch.  These are made fresh daily from soaked nuts blended with spices.  Comforting and smooth.  Look for an occasional protein power ball as a treat!

Raw Lunch Soup

Get ready for a burst of flavors with a lively soup for lunch.  No after lunch nap required, just pure nutritional energy.   Gazpacho, veggie chowder, sweet thai, yum!

Dinner soup

Dinner brings a smooth hearty soup to calm, comfort and end you busy day.  Chili, lentil, cauliflower, curry, etc.

Electrolyte Lemonade

Slightly sour,  hydrating,  mineralizing and good for digestion.  Prepare your body for tomorrow and get a good night's sleep.

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