The Sacred Transitions


This part of you journey is the time to become the woman you want to be. A season to be vigilant about your mental, emotional and physical health. Create a lifestyle that supports your relationships, fertility/hormones, physical strength and endurance, sleep and energy, nourishment, career and play.   Understand the past, dream of the future and address anything getting in your way with a focus on long-term health.


That bundle of perfection will change your life forever. Every time. This is a season to remain vigilant about your health and marriage as you add the honor of  being 'Mom'. Self-care and acceptance are in crucial tension with all the other priorities.  The physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual experiences can feel drastic, breathtaking and deep.  Grant yourself the grace to hurt, heal and deal.


The longest, deepest part of your journey choked full of wisdom. A beautiful return from your child-bearing years back to you. A re-birth of sorts full of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual changes, answers and revelations.   The tapestry of your life  begins to unfold and so much of life starts to make sense.  This can be a 15 year process and a time to make health your hobby. Create a your legacy of health and be the inspiration that serves generations to come. 

Supporting your Journey with...


Get out of neutral and into your vibrant life.  Kim is a certified holisitic health and wellness professional with years of experience and education offering a unique toolbox rooted in nutrition, psychology, mind-body and functional medicine to support pre-clinical physical, mental, emotional &spiritual health.  Let's talk nutrition, exercise, stress, hormones, relationships, career, work/life, sleep, etc. The smallest changes can have a ripple effect on your legacy of health.







Foundational functional personal training critical as a precursor to any other activity you choose.  Have the confidence and strength to look your best and live an active vibrant life.   Kim is a certified MUTU® Pro and focuses on getting your core and pelvic floor 'down there' all reconnected.  Any program by Eric Wong of Precisions Movement® is also fully supported with training.  You must own these programs and be able to log into your account during training.






The sensitivity, trust and communication good bodywork requires reminds us that working together gets us to places competition never could.  An intuitive healer who  works with you to determine what you need  based on symptoms, activity and stress  ~ making each session unique.  Board certified with thousands of training hours and a very deep toolbox of modalities to provide what you need to feel your best.





What's Going on at the studio?

A new program to create a deeper connection with life through immersion in the natural world.  Reconnect to your own innate wisdom with workshops that focus on living a natural life covering topics such as herbs, toxins, food, movement, rest, play, sound, light, smell, touch, color, simplicity, water, plants, air, mindfulness, meditation and so much more. Charter membership offer begins 2019.  Click on image to join the list for more information as it becomes available.

Kim is now a certified MUTU® Pro and will offer personal and small group training in core and pelvic floor reconnection for prenatal, postpartum and menopausal women.  Purchase of the program is required for training,  See 15% discount offer in the 'favorite things' section below. Click on image to join the email list for these program.  

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