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The sensitivity, trust & communication a good massage requires reminds us that working together gets us to places competition never could.   There  is no denying the power of  bodywork. 

Regardless of the adjectives you assign to it or the reasons you seek it out , massage can be a powerful ally to your health.

Work with a certified professional using a unique blend of life coaching rooted in functional health. Bring doctor's orders to life or begin your personal journey to better health. In person and remote services to brainstorm, understand, research, encourage and find accountability. Creative. Clinical. Culinary. 

The SCWellness Membership monthly subscription includes 2 hours of coaching and/or massage that you can use in 30, 60 or 90 minutes increments, free services and large discounts on other products and services, including  supplements. Use the button below to book your services.

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3-Day Nourishing Cleanse

3 days of done-for-you nourishment.  Six jars to consume each day; green juice, smoothie, nut milk, two soups and an electrolyte lemonade.  1200-1500 calories and 50-60 grams a fiber each day. SCWellness members 20% discount (look for  coupon in email)


Getting proper quality and duration of sleep is a very underrated factor in achieving optimum health and performance. In this live online group  workshop, we will talk about sleep, how to regulate your patterns and maximize  energy levels. We will discuss a number of fun, easy, and immediately implementable strategies. 

Lower Leg Lexicon 101

Calling anyone with plantar pain, tendon issues, stiff/painful  feet, ankles or knees, flat feet, shin splints, pain, etc.  In this first of three series, we will assess your lower leg, mobilize the joints, release the muscles and rebuild for better balance, performance and comfort.   SCWellness members 50% discount (look for  coupon in email)

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